The Air Jordan 5, Michael Jordan's fifth signature shoe, remains a fan favorite for several compelling reasons. Its standout features include the fierce zig-zag midsole details, iconic lace locks, and a mesh-inspired shoe cage, all of which contribute to its instantly recognizable design and style. This blend of elements offers a bold look that can be rocked any day of the week.

The upper part of the shoe combines real and synthetic leather with textiles, providing both durability and structure. This construction ensures that the shoe not only looks good but also lasts through regular wear and tear.

Comfort is another key aspect of the Air Jordan 5. The Max Air unit in the sole offers soft cushioning, absorbing impact with every step, making it suitable for both casual wear and athletic activities. The foam midsole adds to the overall comfort, providing a supportive base for your foot.

Traction is crucial for both running and playing, and the rubber outsole of the Air Jordan 5 ensures you have the grip you need. Whether you're on the court or on the street, the shoe's outsole helps maintain stability and prevent slips.

Additional features include classic laces, which allow for a customizable fit, and overall design elements that have made the Air Jordan 5 a timeless piece in sneaker history.

LAUNCH DATE: 06 06 24 @ 11 AM

Available at TF Addison & Naperville

Gradeschool: $140  Preschool: $80  Toddler: $65