TF 30 Year Tee

Article code TF-30YRTEE-WHT


Exclusively from our family to yours.

Colors were chosen based on what was representative of celebration and 30 years. Colors in the collection include a palette ranging from a rich green, warm brown and fresh white. Hints of pearl, white and gold can beseen The color green most commonly represents 30 years. Pearls are also given at 30 years as a gift. The color gold is often used in celebrations, while the white reminds us that every day is fresh day.

Graphics include a clean chest hit in front and a larger graphic on back. 

Front graphic represents the simplistic nature of TF rooted in delivering fundamentals. Hits include “93” and “IL” to show year of establishment and community. “THIRTY” signifies the years of business.

Back graphic symbolizes 30 years with a pearl graphic and clean read to highlight the years of business. “From our family to yours” is the TF motto representing a family business with a mom and pop heritage.


  • Front Graphic
    • Color is green
  • Back Graphic
    • Colors are green and gold
    • Green is the color symbol for 30 years
  • Crew Neck Line


  • Machine wash cold.

Fit Guide: Drop Shoulder Fit